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PRP issues Whip to its MLAs

December 4, 2011

The Praja Rajyam Party has finally issued a Whip to its MLAs. Praja Rajyam chief Chiranjeevi asked his MLAs to vote for the Government in the no-confidence voting tomorrow. Whip has also been issued to Shobha Nagi Reddy who has defected to the YSR Congress Party.

Speaking to the reporters after the meeting, Chiranjeevi said that they are committed to help the Government survive in the no-confidence motion tomorrow. He said that they have discussed about the no-confidence issue in length yesterday and today. The issue arose only because of the dissatisfaction among the Praja Rajyam MLAs. Chiranjeevi said that he has taken the issue to the notice of the Chief Minister.

Congress negotiations succeed

Several senior Congress leaders including Ahmed Patel, Ghulam Nabi Azad spoke to him. The Congress leaders made it clear that after the merger, all PRP MLAs are part of their family and they will extend their full cooperation and respect to the Praja Rajyam MLAs.

Chiranjeevi said that he stood by his word that he will save the government. He has received the cooperation of all of the Praja Rajyam Party MLAs.

PRP takes agressive Stand

The Praja Rajyam Party earlier has taken an agressive stand during the critical time of the Government facing a no-confidence motion. Though, the Praja Rajyam Party has merged with the Congress party, they are still considered a separate entity in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly due to a legal complication.

Praja Rajyam Chief and Tirupati MLA K Chiranjeevi has announced the displeasure of the PRP MLAs at the way they are treated by the Congress leadership. Chiranjeevi told the media yesterday that the PRP MLAs are dissatisfied the way they are being treated. Chiranjeevi's statement trigerred panic among the APCC as well as the Congress central leadership who immediately put Congress state incharge Ghulam Nabi Azad and APCC president Botcha Satyanarayana into action.

Ghulam Nabi Azad has spoken to Chiranjeevi a couple of times on phone today and urged him to issue a whip to PRP MLAs to vote for the Government in the no-confidence voting tomorrow. The PRP MLAs met several times at the residence of Chiranjeevi today. Botcha Satyanarayana tried to cool down the situation by saying that they will treat Congress and PRP MLAs the same.

Anakapalli MLA Ganta Srinivasa Rao told the media earlier today that they are not only concerned about their self-respect. He said that all the PRP MLAs will stand by any decision Chiranjeevi takes in the no-confidence motion. A discussion on the no-confidence motion was held in the Assembly today on the fourth day of the Winter session.



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