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PRP president to tour Telangana region

January 11, 2010
Narsapur, Medak

The Praja Rajyam Party president K Chiranjeevi on Monday expressed his resolve to undertake a tour in Telangana region in the wake of threats from the separatists. Speaking at a function in connection with the diamond jubilee celebrations of Sri YN College, he made light of the threats issued by the leaders from the pro-Telangana outfits not to allow him in their region due to his stand against bifurcation of the State.

Chiranjeevi stated that he is an artist with a considerable following and won the hearts of art lovers all over the State including Telangana region and confident that the flocks of Telangana will receive him with all love and affection. He claimed to have changed his stance in favour of the unified State in line with the public sentiment. He commented that it is quite common that the leaders will lead the movements. This time, the common public led the Samaikya Andhra movement and the leaders simply followed them which never happened in the history of the State.

Chiranjeevi who is an alumnus of YN College turned nostalgic and credited his success in film field to his self discipline and hardworking nature which he learnt from the college atmosphere during his studies. He exhorted the students not to fall prey to selfish politicians.



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