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Praja Rajyam unhappy with Rosaiah-Manmohan meeting on Babli issue

August 3, 2010

The Praja Rajyam Party said it the meeting between K Rosaiah and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Babli project issue was disappointing. Speaking at a press conference, the party president K Chiranjeevi asked the Chief Minister to convene an all-party meeting and explain as to what has happened in the meeting and to discuss about what the steps State Government is going take. He said that the remarks by the Prime Minister that Maharashtra Government has to follow the interim order of the Supreme Court has failed to make any impact on the issue.

Chiranjeevi said that in order not to burden the people when a case arises in which the State Congress and hence the Government might collapse, he said that the Praja Rajyam Party will come to the rescue and save the State Government in the interest of the people of the state. With this, Chiranjeevi appeared to be softly and silently hinting that his party will support the Congress.

Speaking about speculations and some news clips that appeared in the recent Press, Chiranjeevi said that the party will abide by the report of the Sri Krishna Committee that was formulate to gather public opinion of the division of the state.



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