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Praja Rajyam Party becomes eligible for State recognized party

May 19, 2009

The Praja Rajyam Party floated by film star K Chiranjeevi now becomes eligible for the status of State recognized party after the elections. This follows the party securing 16.22 percent share out of the total votes polled in the Assembly constituencies. This is significantly higher than the minimum quota of six percent prescribed by the Election Commission for getting eligibility as a State Party.

According to election law, a political party has to get six percent of the total valid votes polled in an election to the Legislative Assembly apart from having four candidates elected to the House to get the status of State recognized party. The Praja Rajyam Party now fulfilled both the conditions.

PRP general secretary, Allu Aravind on Tuesday challenged that if former party leader Parakala Prabhakar could prove that the party tickets were sold, he would quit the party. At a press conference,, reacting to his allegation Allu Aravind said that he is a man of honor and his integrity is his strength and will not be cowed down by the statements of a person whose credibility is questionable.



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