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Chirajeevi makes maiden speech in Assembly

June 10, 2009

Film-star turned politician, President of the Praja Rajyam Party and floor leader K Chiranjeevi, making his maiden speech in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly, reminded that people in the state are crying for basic needs such as drinking water while the Congress-led Government is making claims about its achievements. His film-style, emotion drawing speech lasted for 45-minutes. His speech blamed the Government for not providing basic facilities such as drinking water.

Chiranjeevi questioned the Government as to why as many as 7500 farmers committed suicide in the state in the last five years while the state government is saying that agriculture sector in cloaking 6% growth. He said that the Government is closing schools blaming lack of enough enrollments and said children are getting deprived of education and are instead being forced to take up labor.

Chiranjeevi congratulated the Government for its Jalayagnam scheme but said the projects squeeze 2 lakh crores and at least three to four decades to complete. He referred to the SEZs as a real estate business.



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