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Praja Rajyam will pass resolution for separate Telangana

January 20, 2009

Yuva Rajyam president Pavan Kalyan said that the Praja Rajyam would pass a resolution in the Assembly on the formation of a separate Telangana after coming into power. Speaking to media persons at the party office on Tuesday, he said that Telangana Statehood issue is the self respect of the region and he will definitely support the formation of a separate State.

He reiterated that the Praja Rajyam was committed for providing social justice to all in a separate Telangana. He alleged that the TRS, TDP and Congress parties do not have any clarity on Telangana issue and flayed that the TRS president for not doing anything for the formation of Telangana and ridiculed him for abruptly ending his fast unto death programme launched for the cause of Telangana at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

He charged that the Congress and TDP for neglecting the state hood issue during their regimes and called upon the people to teach a fitting lesson to these parties and grill them during their visits to villages. He alleged that the Congress is spending more money on publicity than development of the backward regions.

It may be recalled Praja Rajyam has said it will make a statement on Telangana at an appropriate in its initial days.



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