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Katari Eswar Kumar resigns from Praja Rajyam Party

February 6, 2009

A senior member of Praja Rajyam Katari Eswar Kumar resigned from the party on Friday disillusioned with the dual standards' of the party leadership. Eswar Kumar, a former Minister who quit the Congress party in January 2008 said that he was among those who believed that Chiranjeevi would launch a political party to fulfill the aspirations of the backward classes.

Speaking to media persons, he said that the much talked about social justice in Praja Rajyam was only a sham. He told the media persons after sending his resignation letter to the Praja Rajyam Party president said that Chiranjeevi says one thing and does something else. He observed the party's functioning from close quarters was only interested in giving party tickets to persons belonging to his community ignoring the party workers.

He cited the instance of Congress MLA Vedavyas who joined the Praja Rajyam Party the other day, he said that Vedavyas was a relative of Chiranjeevi and there was an understanding with him to allot the ticket for the Masulipatnam Assembly seat. He alleged that corruption and nepotism were rampant in Praja Rajyam Party and invoking the names of Dr.BR Ambedkar and Jyothirao Phule was only to mislead the people. He charged that Praja Rajyam is like a film in the making funded by ticket aspirants scripted by Allu Aravind and the lead players is Chiranjeevi.



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