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Crowd goes gaga over PRP president Chiranjeevi

February 18, 2009

The Praja Rajyam Party president Chiranjeevi kick started his campaign in Kurnool district from Dhone on Wednesday. He will tour the district for five days addressing meetings and roadshows in thirty towns. As the convoy of Chiranjeevi snaked its way through the narrow streets of Dhone, thousands of slogan shouting youth and women milled around the place.

At many junctions, the youth blocked the convoy to have glimpse of Chiranjeevi. In the melee, five persons injured and the police resorted to lathi charge at RS Rangapuram. Chiranjeevi pleaded himself to the police not to be harsh with the crowd. After landing at Dhone, he addressed the gatherings. Scared by the overwhelming response to his meetings, the leaders of other parties were spreading rumors that the public were coming only to see him, Chiranjeevi said.

He added that the Praja Rajyam would emerge as a third force in the State an alternative to the Congress and TDP. The PR had set the tone for a change in the State. One could infer from the mutual accusations of corruption between the TDP and Congress leaders how much public money was looted in the State.



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