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PRP general secretary-cum-spokesman Parakala Prabhakara Rao quits

April 9, 2009

In an unexpected move, the Praja Rajyam Party received another body blow when its general secretary Parakala Prabhakara Rao resigned from the party on Thursday. He describing the party as a 'poisonous tree ' and 'undesirable force'. He tendered his resignation under dramatic circumstances. In the afternoon, he went to the party office and left his resignation letter on a table adjacent to the chamber of the party president Chiranjeevi and said that he no longer believed that the PRP could deliver the so called 'social justice'.

The resignation of Prabhakara Rao comes close on the heels of the resignation of C Anjaneya Reddy, vice-president on Sunday. He caused a fluter by holding a press conference in the party office. Allu Aravind went to Prabhakara Rao's house to change his mind but the latter refused to meet him. Prabhakara Rao said that he took the decision to quit with a heavy heart and a lot of concern after realizing that the party had no sense of direction. On the allegations that the party were sold and large amounts of money had changed hands, he said there appeared to be some truth but did not elaborate.

Prabhakara Rao denied that he was resigning as he was denied the Narsapur Lok Sabha ticket. The reason for his decision was much deeper than that, he said, asserting that there was something intrinsically wring with the foundation of the party. He said that he do not know why they formed the party and what they intend to do. Everyone has a business plan in this company. He said that he felt sorry about a number of people who did not get a ticket even after they worked hard and were promised one by the party high command. He added that that he thought the party belonged to everyone but now everyone feels deceived.

Earlier, on March 4, 2009, the party vice-president and Chiranjeevi Fans Association president resigns showing the cracks in the party. This was followed by the resignation of long time associate of PRP Dr. G Samaram who cited that the party did not meet his expectations.



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