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Allu Arvind says Parakala Prabhakar made his exit for not getting party ticket

April 9, 2009

Reacting to the exit of Prakala Prabhakar from Praja Rajyam, Allu Arvind said that Prakala is expecting a ticket from Narsapuram constituency but was denied because he is not close with the people. He said people who merely look dignified does not mean that what ever they are telling is true.

Allu Arvind said that he will continue to be loyal to the party and that he will fight against a bullet that comes against Chiranjeevi. He said that he is being criticized because he has come forward and has taken responsibility to work on the party programs and that it is natural for a person who takes responsibilities to be blamed. He said that he will not move from the party and will continue to work determined.

Commenting indirectly that the exist of Parakala will help for the party, he said that Parakala Prabhakar could be considered a covert if he lands in any other party in few days. He clarified that Anjaneya Reddy did not expect any party ticket and that he deserved to work in the administration side of the party and has done his best during his presence in the party. Reddy’s move out of the party is his individual decision.

Arvind said that Paraja Rajyam does not believe in surveys and that the party will win more seats than what the poll surveys reveal. He thanked the media for making the 8-month old party to become a visibly stronger force in the minds of the people.



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