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Praja Rajyam willing to have alliances with like minded parties

September 23, 2008

The Praja Rajyam has announced its willingness to forge alliances with like minded parties working with a pro-poor agenda. As as a part of this, the Praja Rajyam President, Chiranjeevi met CPI State Secretary K Narayana to explore the possibility of an alliance between the two parties in the next general elections.

In view of the issues raised by the CPI(M), the Praja Rajyam is yet to clarify its stand. The Praja Rajyam spokesperson Dr P Mithra called on CPI (M) Polit Bureau Member Sitaram Yechury recently. Leaders of the two parties discussed some of the crucial issues facing the people during their hour long meeting. However, no concrete decision on alliances was taken.

Speaking to media, Dr. Mitra said on Tuesday that the first exploratory meeting ended on a positive note and more such meetings were scheduled in the near future. He said they discussed various political issues and the policies to be adopted both at the State as well at Centre. Narayana said there would be more such meetings in future and as of now, the Praja Rajyam's stand on issues like displacement of farmers in the name of SEZs was primarily pro-poor.

It may be recalled Samajwadi Party supremo Amar Singh met Chiranjeevi at Hyderabad and held some brief talks which has brought out rumours of possible alliance between the two. It may also recalled that Senior Congress Leader Rosaiah has recently commented that Prajarajyam and TDP will be competing with each other for the second slot which thereby has given a signal that Congress is viewing PRP as a strong contender.



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