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Rosaiah says TDP and PRP to fight to sit in opposition

September 21, 2008

Senior Congress Leader and Finance Minister K Rosaiah said that the Telugu Desam Party and the Praja Rajyam Party will compete each other to sit in the opposition after the next elections. Saying that the Congress is comfortable of a win again, he said that the migration of leaders from the TDP to PRP is strengthening the party cadre of the later. Rosaiah termed as the competition between TDP and PRP as semi-finals and once the winner amongst the two is out, the Congress will fight with them in the finals.

Reacting to a question about Chiranjeevi's comments on the inability of the Governments to address the plight of the weavers and handloom workers, Rosaiah said that the Government has indeed taken many steps and that their initiatives has helped the weavers to come out of their even more dire situation.



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