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Dharmabhiksham joins PRP

September 19, 2008

Former Hyderabad Task Force Police Inspector, former CPI leader from Nalgonda and former Member of Parliament Dharmabhiksham joined the Praja Rajyam Party in the presence of Chiranjeevi. Dharmabhiksham met Chiranjeevi and announced his decision amidst supporters from the Suryapeta constituency.

Speaking with the media announcing his decision, Dharmabhiksham said that he and the party supporters are taking social programs in the Suryapeta constituency for over six months now. He said his supporters actively participated in helping those effected in the recent flash floods.

Fomer Suryapeta Municipal Chairman Juttukonda Satyanarayana, TDP Leader Cell State Secretary Nathi Navindar kumar and various others too joined in the PRP along with their leader.



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