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PRP rules out grand alliance with other political parties

October 11, 2008

The Praja Rajyam party president Chiranjeevi making his first observation after seeing the massive turn out of people at all his meetings during the past two days of the Coastal Andhra tour expressed confidence that the people would bless him. He said that this is a clear indication that the people are longing for a change.

Chiranjeevi ruled out any grand alliance with the proposed alliance comprising of the Telugu Desam Party, the Left parties and the Telangana Rashtriya Saminthi (TRS). He however was favorably disposed towards the Left Parties, but they were trying with the TDP, a party which he did not want to join hands with. In response to a question over the affection of his fans to translate into votes, he held cent percent confidence about it. It may be recalled Chiranjeevi has earlier dismissed sharing of power nor of any coalition for upcoming general elections with other political parties earlier.

Responding to another question, he felt people will give their verdict in the party favor and added that he is not carving for power but work as a servant of the people.

Referring to separate Telangana state, he said that if people strongly desire a separate State, it will happen. He recalled that he had donned the role of a man fighting corruption in his film 'Tagore' but it was now his endeavor to live in it and every person should work for anti corruption keeping in the mind the role he had played as Tagore in the movie.



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