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Chiranjeevi tours Warangal as part of Ankita Yatra

November 3, 2008

Praja Rajyam President Chiranjeevi, as a part of his Praja Ankita Yatra toured various regions of Warangal including Kazipet, Parakal, Regonda, Ghanapur and Mulugu. He had a trouble with MRPS supporters who staged a dharma in front of his convoy. The MRPS members demanded Chiranjeevi to speak about PRP's stand on the SC classification. The police tried to keep them away which led to the injury of four members. The MRPS has staged a complaint against Chiranjeevi and his security staff stating that they have humiliated them by name of caste.

Chiranjeevi yatra entered Parakal during noon and the focus got shifted to the cotton farmers. Chiranjeevi said that the Government and the Cotton Corporation of India were not able to come to their rescue. He, at Regonda, questioned why the Government is not able to give a support price for cotton produce when the same is given in North India.

Supporters of the Telangana Rashtriya Samithi (TRS) continued to show their protest demanding Chiranjeevi to clarify his stand on Telangana for which the PRP President re-iterated that the party will support for the creation of the state for Telangana region if the region is able to send in required number of representatives both to the Assembly and the Parliament.



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