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Chiranjeevi says courts should punish, not individuals

December 13, 2008

Reacting to the recent incident of the encounter of three accused in the Warangal Engineering girls acid attack by the police, Praja Rajyam Party supremo Chiranjeevi said that individuals should not punish and that only courts should award punishment. While he said that the girls are suffering for no fault of theirs, police should not take law into their own hand. He said that people lost faith in the Government for not taking quick and stern action in the cases of Prathyusha, Ayesha and Srilakshmi.

Chiranjeevi said that the state requires more police stations for women and that special fast track courts are to be set up to deal with women related crime.

Praja Rajyam Womens Wing leader Shobha Nagi Reddy blamed the Government for its inaction and said that the Government acted only after the media gave focus on the incident. She said that many such incidents are not even coming up in the media and getting unnoticed.



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