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Praja Rajyam to change its District Committee selection criteria

December 12, 2008

Praja Rajyam Party is retrospecting itself and this comes out in the wake of the party deciding to change its district committee selection process. The party has earlier decided to start constructing the district leadership from the mandal grassroot level and go upwards. Programmes such as the Varadhi and Spark are undertaken but the process was stopped midway. The top district leadership is selected and with the grassroot level being ignored, the structure has proved to be in such a way that Incharge and monitoring committees will have no contact with the grassroot level party workers.

With few awkward scenes observed at the party headquarters in Hyderabad recently, Chiranjeevi has decided it is important to change the district committee selection process to avoid any untoward incidents. Sources say he has recently discussed about these issues apart from the discontent amongst the party workers with the District In-charges.

Chiranjeevi is planning to complete the District committee selection process of the remaining districts before the Praja Anikta Sabhas.



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