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Chiranjeevi's Political Party is Praja Rajyam

August 26, 2008

We are happy Chiranjeevi has come up with a good political plan to serve the people. We wish his Praja Rajyam a great success!!

The announcement

The genesis for the new political party was laid at the public function at Tirupati, Chittoor district where Chiranjeevi announced his vision for his political party. The party flag is hoisted at the ground. As many as seven lakh people from all parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh are at the venue, eagerly awaiting for the instructions, and listening to the speech of Chiranjeevi.


Filmstars in politics isnt new in India. For that matter, for even major countries such as the United States. But Indian voters are rather special. They put in lot of trust on their leaders. And film starts have done more than the average politician when they came to politics. Take the case of NT Rama Rao. The yesterday telugu movie start has raised a new wave in Andhra Pradesh politics

Praja Rajyam Party

On Telangana

Speaking on the Telangana region, Chiranjeevi termed that the region has good culture, history and natural resources. He said that the earlier Governments could not have addressed the sentiments of the people of the telangana in the way the people expected them to be. Hence, Praja Rajyam, as a respect to the sentiments of the people, will support the formation of Telangana statehood if the need arises.



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